If you’re on the fence about whether to invest in support for your recovery, these powerful client testimonials may help you make your decision…

I felt comfortable with Chloe. I also liked that I could message her when I felt I needed to, and she was available for me when I needed her.

I wouldn’t have got as far as I have without Chloe’s help, support, guidance and knowledge. The fact that she is a nutritionist as well, that gave me so much more confidence (even though we know it is not about the food!). I am starting to be kinder to myself, and I have so many more tools in my toolbox than before! Thank you Chloe!


Chloe has been there got the t shirt. She has a bag of t-shirts – varying colours & styles for us varying clients who are
desperate for help. She understands. She gets it. She knows
how I feel. I could tell her anything. She accepted me as me.

She is without judgement, patient, kind & so so passionate
about all her clients & their food freedom/recovery. I have
never met anyone like her who has such specialist,
individualised & appropriate skills to help people in my


Chloe works really hard with her clients, the texting service is magnificent and I feel my progress has been fantastic


When I first came to Chloe for some help, I really didn’t believe I was helpable.

What she did through her coaching was a miracle of the most beautiful sort. She guided me through the painful moments and hard work and rejoiced with me when that process started to bear fruit. 18 months later and I have made progress I didn’t think was a possibility for me. She is extremely attuned to the needs of her clients. She has a brilliant sense of humour. She’s unshockable and has such a humanity.

Really could not recommend enough! Whoever is reading this, you’re in safe hands with Chloe.


The best decision I have ever made. This whole journey has been an investment in myself. Before I reached out to Chloe I didn’t believe in myself, I hated my body and felt worthless. In the past 3 months I have learnt more about myself than I have in the past 27 years of my life. I don’t love myself but I am learning to. This program and the support and tools provided by Chloe are truly amazing. I have tried many forms of treatment and therapies over the years. I truly just felt as if this was my life and I just had to get on with it as best I could. Three months ago I reached our to Chloe. Honestly feeling pretty done with life. I’m glad I did. Chloe has helped me begin to Rewire my thought process, my belief system and my relationship with my body and with others. I am excited to see what progress I make in the next three months. For anyone out there wondering if they should reach out. Reach out Chloe is phenomenal. We only get one life, don’t spend it hating your body and punishing yourself.


The love and support from Chloe has been more than I could ever imagine. I’ve learnt to love myself (nearly all of the time!) but more importantly she’s given me the guidance and resources to look at where I am, where I want to be and building the bridge between that or rather knocking down the wall that was creating a barrier for me to get there. That being the ED voice in my head so there was a need to recognise when this occurs and counteracting on that. It’s not always about being perfect or getting it right and Chloe is there for you when she sees an ED trait coming into play. I’m not there yet but I know everyone is worthy of recovery and that it is possible with her help and guidance.


The homework and support between sessions has been such an important element, you never feel like you are alone in this. Chloe has such an amazing ability to support and hold space for people. She is also very aware of trauma and the struggles people face when working through things that are often extremely difficult. I believe it takes a very special person to guide people through these things and Chloe is definitely that person.

You have changed my life and I will be forever grateful to you, thank you.


[Before working with Chloe] I was really struggling to allow myself enough food and rest. Now I allow myself more and more freedom with food. I rest more, have down time and make self care a part of my day, set boundaries where I can.

I can enjoy time with people more, rest relax have a laugh and a giggle and also its allowed me to see that people haven’t treated me different for gaining weight. This gives me more confidence and freedom…

Chloe tailors it for each individual which is the best thing and doesn’t follow a structure program that everyone works through in the same order and focus more on the underlying stuff because it’s not about the f**king food.


Food is no longer a source of huge anxiety for me! I don’t feel the deep level of guilt every time I eat, and I enjoy eating again. My bingeing has drastically reduced, and if I do binge, I’m kind and understanding towards myself, instead of it turning into a shame spiral. My relationship with food and my own needs has changed for the better.


Since working with Chloe, so much has shifted in a very short space of time. The compassion and love I now have for myself is so much more than ever before. I have also gained the confidence and self-empowerment to make two massive life decisions. Things I would never have committed to before my sessions.

Over the years I have seen several therapists and learnt lots of things, however nothing really changed. It was like a lightbulb finally came on when I met Chloe. She taught me how to actually integrate things and that for me was a massive point in my healing.


I struggled with disordered eating for over 30 years and until working with Chloe felt like my recovery was something out of my reach, that I would just have to live with feeling like this forever.

Along my journey I have reached out for help from many professionals, mainstream and more alternate, without feeling any lasting support. In fact, I was feeling like something must be inherently wrong with me that even therapy couldn’t fix. Working with Chloe has shown me that I am actually perfect exactly as I am, that there is nothing to ‘fix’, it is more about refinding my true self, hidden beneath many years of trauma and TRAUMA.

With the help of Chloe, in a safe and compassionate and deeply intuitive space I have let go of years of hurt. I feel now that the power is within me to live a life of ultimate freedom. That with some rather simple tools I can not only overcome an eating disorder but also deal with the challenges life presents every single day.

Not only that but so many areas of my life that felt stuck or blocked have cleared and opportunities seem to be flowing in to my life. Chloe has been an incredible support, a wealth of wisdom and knowledge, and I truly owe her my life. Chloe offers the perfect balance of practical tools and steps to change, reflective homework and psychotherapy.

She has made me feel so understood, never pressured and worthy of living my best life. I cannot recommend her more highly, and please don’t wait another day feeling like you are too hard to change.


Wow where to I start the work Chloe does is amazing 🤩 she is amazing. I came from a position of being stuck after suffering so long with my ED and now I am beginning to feel free. There’s so much I’ve learnt that before I took the blame for. I’ve been doing things I never thought were possible. This work is really a life changer a try investment worth the time and commitment. I now feel like there’s a world out there just waiting for me to be in it and each day I am gradually getting there.


Each of these people had the same thoughts that you’re having before they took the leap.

Imagine where you could be in a few months time.


Are you ready? 

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