Are you ready to find food freedom and enjoy your life again?


Let me guess…


You are beyond fed up with laying in bed going over what you ate


No matter how much weight you lose you can't stand what you see in the mirror and wish you had someone else's body


Sticking with your food rules means you miss out on so much with family and friends but you can't bear the food anxiety and guilt if you break the rules


You want to feel happier and healthier but you have tried so many things you have lost hope!

We know exactly how this feels!!


This programme will give you the ticket to food freedom you so deserve. 

Why the Finally Free programme is made for you:

The Finally Free 1:1 coaching programme is made for anxious people who struggle with disordered eating (such as EDs, emotional eating, chronic dieting), low body confidence or body image issues just like you.

We don’t believe in endless counselling sessions that take you nowhere fast. Instead we walk hand in hand with our clients to guide them in healing the root cause of their food and body struggles and giving them the tools so they can have full food freedom for the rest of their lives!


You are worthy of…


finding food decisions easy


loving your body


being free from anxiety about food ruling your life


eating whatever you want without the guilt


enjoying your life!

Do you want to make this a reality?


The Finally Free programme will help you to do all of these things and so much more. 

What you will get in the Finally Free 1:1 coaching programme?

  • Fortnightly 1 to 1 coaching sessions with your Finally Free Academy coach
  • Message support so you feel fully supported between sessions
  • Tools & exercises to integrate what you have learned
  • Gentle nutrition/intuitive eating coaching

What is the process?

The Finally Free 1:1 programme will give you everything to find food freedom so that you can live an amazing life without being held back by your relationship with food. 

The key to this is healing the root causes of your struggles and recreating a healthier relationship with yourself and your body which you and your Finally Free Academy coach will do together by working through our proven seven step process:


  • Finding root causes
  • Building your healthy coping toolbox
  • Breaking the patterns
  • Rewiring beliefs
  • Finding your true identity
  • Connecting to your body and soul
  • Healing from trauma
  • Loving and listening to yourself
  • Setting you up for success

What people have said about the Finally Free programme

The love and support from Chloe has been more than I could ever imagine. I’ve learnt to love myself (nearly all of the time!) but more importantly she’s given me the guidance and resources to look at where I am, where I want to be and building the bridge between that or rather knocking down the wall that was creating a barrier for me to get there. That being the ED voice in my head so there was a need to recognise when this occurs and counteracting on that. It’s not always about being perfect or getting it right and Chloe is there for you when she sees an ED trait coming into play. I’m not there yet but I know everyone is worthy of recovery and that it is possible with her help and guidance.


When I first came to Chloe for some help, I really didn’t believe I was helpable.

What she did through her coaching was a miracle of the most beautiful sort. She guided me through the painful moments and hard work and rejoiced with me when that process started to bear fruit. 18 months later and I have made progress I didn’t think was a possibility for me. She is extremely attuned to the needs of her clients. She has a brilliant sense of humour. She’s unshockable and has such a humanity.

Really could not recommend enough! Whoever is reading this, you’re in safe hands with Chloe.


You can read more testimonials here.


Then ask yourself –


About your coach

Chloe is the founder and CEO of Finally Free Academy. As the Senior Coach and Therapist she focuses on serving clients who have a history of or current experience of diagnosed eating disorders, those who require nutritional support and more complex cases.

Chloe’s specialist areas are:

  • Eating Disorders
  • Disordered eating
  • Trauma (including PTSD and cPTSD)
  • Anxiety

Chloe’s qualifications and accreditations:

  • Life Coaching Diploma
  • Certified Hungry for Happiness Coach (now Pause Coaching)
  • Certified BTN Nutritionist 
  • Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT)™  Certified Coach
  • L4 Advanced Counsellor and Psychotherapist


If you are ready to create a life free from food guilt and anxiety, where you can love your body and love your life again…


  • I have had help before? Is this the right programme for me?

We specialise in working with people who have experienced chronic disordered eating and most of our clients have had all sorts of help before. We have worked with clients who have tried everything from inpatient treatment to years of counselling. We are confident that I can help anyone find food freedom if they want it!

  • What is the investment for the programme?

Whilst the investment can vary depending on the level of support you need, the investment for our standard programme is £247 per month and the investment for those working with our lead therapist & coach Chloe is £347 per month. This reflects the level of support and expertise we provide in this intensive 1:1 work which includes support from your Finally Free Academy coach up to five a week. Alternative options available for those that don’t need this level of intensive support such a group/hybrid coaching programmes. Please contact Chloe for more options via email on [email protected].

  • My Eating Disorder or disordered eating is only one of the things I struggle with?

This is so common. Really disordered eating isn’t about the food it is just a coping mechanism, so whether you have suffered trauma, depression, anxiety or even chronic health conditions I know I can help you!

  • How long is the programme?

Clients usually stay on the programme with us for six months, but we work in three month blocks to give us the flexibility we need to give you the support you require. We walk along side you hand in hand for as long as you need, so we can make sure that once you have finished the programme you are good to go. No more slipping back into old habits I want you to truly be free and know exactly how to maintain it for the rest of your life! 


Let us help you find food freedom so you can live the amazing life that you deserve…

Have any questions, or not sure if this programme is right for you?