About the Finally Free Academy

Finally Free Academy was founded by Chloe after her own health and food journey. For over a decade, she suffered with PTSD, eating disorders, depression and hypothalamic amenorrhea. 

After traditional therapeutic approaches didn't help her she had a health crisis and knew I had to try something else. So she trained to become a Nutritionist and dived into learning all about behaviour change and life coaching and was able to start her first true recovery journey and the last one she ever have had to take.

Since then she went on to complete a 400 hour training programme to become a specialist Disordered Eating Life Coach, Eating Disorder Recovery Coach training and more recently qualifying as an Advanced Counsellor and Psychotherapist.

Chloe believes that extensive training is key to doing this work, but also that having lived experience deepens the ability for clients to be able to truly trust us in the process as their guides. All our coaches, therefore, not only are extensively trained to help our clients but also have been there themselves sp that you can be finally free once and for all.

Our relationship with our bodies and food is one that can take over our whole lives. So we pride ourslves on having a holistic approach and drawing on different parts of my training to tailor the support we provide to each and every client.

    About our coaches

      Heather is a coach at Finally Free Academy. She focuses on serving clients who have a history of or current experience of disordered eating, yo-yo dieting, and negative body image.

      Heather’s specialist areas are:

      • Disordered eating
      • Body image
      • Anti-diet education

      Heather’s qualifications and accreditations:

      • Therapeutic Coaching Level 2 Certification
      • Health and Wellbeing Diploma
      • Inner Child Healing Diploma
      • Understanding Eating Disorders certification
      • Divine Feminine Diploma


      Chloe is the founder and CEO of Finally Free Academy. As the Senior Coach and Therapist she focuses on serving clients who have a history of or current experience of diagnosed eating disorders, those who require nutritional support and more complex cases.

      Chloe’s specialist areas are:

      • Eating Disorders
      • Disordered eating
      • Body Dsymorphia
      • Anxiety
      • Trauma (including PTSD and cPTSD)
      • Obsessive compulsive behaviours and disorders

      Chloe’s qualifications and accreditations:

      • Life Coaching Diploma
      • Certified Hungry for Happiness Coach (now Pause Coaching)
      • Certified BTN Nutritionist 
      • Eating Disorder Intuitive Therapy (EDIT)™  Certified Coach
      • L4 Advanced Counsellor and Psychotherapist
      • Accredited Member of ACCPH